How to capture/find the Regis

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Want to know how to capture Regice, Regirock and Registeel on Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (Not sure about Emerald) well I’ll tell you.

I struggled myself to get them without understanding a thing the Ancient writing said but after 2 months I had finally figured it out…

Introduction: In your adventure throughout the game you might have discovered 2 or 3 giant rocks with a Ruin Maniac trainer nearby.

Once you’ve got a Wailord (evolve a Wailmer at level 40), a rare Relicath (look underwater for a few minutes and you’ll find it), Dig, Fly, Surf, Dive and Strength you may start.

So let’s start

Fly or Surf to Pacifidlog Town (once you found it) and Surf west towards the Ocean Current. Choose the right path and eventually you’ll come to a spot where you can Dive.

Dive underwater and look around till you find Ancient writing on a stone at this point you are to use Dive again to return to the surface.

You’ll be in a weird place with Ancient writing everywhere ignore all of them and run north till you get a dead end with Ancient writing on it.

Use Dig in front of it and a path will appear. Follow the path enter the next room and keep running north till you get to another dead end with Ancient writing on it.

Stand in front of the Ancient writing and put Wailord as your 1st choice in your party and Relicath as your last or Relicath as your 1st and Wailord as your last then a huge long earthquake will appear (freaky)!  After it stops you’ll then hear three sounds that means the big rocks have revealed a opening which means you can now get the Regis!

How to get to the Regis:

Regice: (Route 105) 1. Surf around looking for a big rock then go inside to find a wall with Ancient writing on it!
2. Make the Ancient writing appear on your screen by talking to it and keep it like that for about 2-3mins.
3. After waiting the writing disappears from the screen and the wall turns into a path which leads to another room!
4. Enter the room to see a big figure sleeping, now talk to it to trigger a battle with Regice!

Regirock: (Route 111) 1. Get out of those sandstorms in the desert which is east from Lavaridge Town and get inside the big rock to find a wall with Ancient writing on it!
2. Stand in the very centre of the Ancient writing and move east 2 steps then south 2 steps.
3. Finally use Strength (at nothing) which will be allowed and the wall turns into a path which leads to another room!
4. Enter the room to see a big figure sleeping, now talk to it to trigger a battle with Regirock!

Registeel: (Route 120) 1. Head west from Lilycove City into Route 121 and you’ll eventually come to Route 120 where there is a corner!
2. Don’t move north instead keep moving west and you’ll find a girl.
3. Talk to her (if you haven’t done that) and she’ll give you a berry!
4. To the north of her will be a grey ramp go up on top of it and keep heading north to find a Ninja boyRuin Maniac and a big rock.
5. Get inside the big rock to find a wall with Ancient writing on it!
6. Go to the centre of the place and use Fly it will allow it but you won’t Fly instead you will open a path which leads to another room!
7. Enter the room to see a big figure sleeping, now talk to it to trigger a battle with Registeel!

Hint: Use Timer Balls for the Regis. You can buy Timer Balls for 1000 in Rustboro City’s Market.

Tip: Save the game before fighting any of the Regis that way if you defeat one of them by accident you could try again by switching off then switching back on!

Tip: Train your Regis and face the Elite Four, the Regis are a great combination together so they’ll do great if you have given them enough firendship!

I hope this information is useful!


  1. how to catch th regis seems really simple… i’ll try it

  2. its so easy ecept fro teh last two biatches

  3. I can’t get regi ice

  4. these things do work perfectly thanks

  5. thanks now all i have to get is mew and mewtu and i got all pokemon

  6. cool i saved before i tried to get it just i can’t catch it. So can you help me and i have saphire but my friend has emarald and got me hounder from a different type of game and now i have to catch all of that pokedex :(

  7. one more thing can you catch all three regi’s on the same game?

  8. Hi Rachel W,

    I too had the same problem as you and the only thing I recommend is throwing loads of Ultra Balls! Sell your items for the money and if that doesn’t work buy some Timer Balls!

    And yes you can capture all the 3 Regi’s on one single game!

  9. i already had regirock and ice but i cant get regice!even with the steps u guys told me 2 do

  10. if so can sum1 plz!!!!!!!!!!tell me the rite way to get regice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. can sum1 tell me the nameof a site that’ll tell me how to catch regice plz

  12. dude i know how to get regiice

  13. dude hw to make the timer ball more effective?

  14. dude on my game the market in rustburo doesn’t have timer balls

  15. erm…i unlock e 3 door of e anceint pokemon doors:regice/regrock/registeel y ii waited fer e door to open fer mor den 2 min …but it nvr open can ani one tel miie…same fer e Rt120 mus use fly but it sae (you cant use fly here) same fer Rt111 oso cannort use strength…

  16. pls someone hlp miie

  17. hi everybody im iuydsdgh yuovtgigpbu im good

  18. your the best you saved me

  19. can ani one hlp miie

  20. Thanx it helped
    I caught all 3

  21. Hey, you can get a lot of items with this cheat: Put 5 Zigzagoons in your party beat wild pokemon and your Ziggys have the items I’ve gotten: 23 Rare Candies, 16 Nuggets, 27 Full Restores, 72 Super Potions, 13 Proteins, 5 PP UP’s, 3 Kings Rock, 3 Irons and that was just in 3 days P.S.:50% of my Rare Candies come from Oddishes

  22. plz help me i cant find Relicath i need help in pokemon sapphire and if u can help me ill be on this site every day so plz respond. if u will can u help me?

  23. Hi Tony,

    Relicanth is one of the hardest Pokemon to get underwater. The only tip I can give you is to stay underwater near where you find the Shard Trader and keep in the seaweed and then sooner or later you’ll find a Relicanth…

    P.S. I might do a post about how to capture Relicanth because some people are having trouble finding it!

  24. An easier way to find Relicanth is to check out the seaweed that’s near Sootopolis city! :)

  25. I agree with Britt. I got my Relicanth in the seaweed next to the cave at Sootopolis. But I can’t seem to get any of the Regis!?

    Some one please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. i caught reisteel with 20 ultra balls, i used 46 ultra balls on regiice and 1 great ball on regirock. so i think that regice is the tought

  27. i played pearl well it was fun but it cause me 84.90 to buy that i am fighting great now so well you do not know what put there

  28. were is the best plase to get the relicanth?

  29. Do you have to have Wailord and Relicath to get the Regis? I mean come on what’s up with that?

  30. I did not catch a relicanth…..But I have been trying for a couple of days

  31. for some reason, ive NEVER had a problem with catching relicanth. i guess they like me! ;D

    but yeah, catch relicath by the place where you get the shards(i always get mine there).

    and yes, you do need them to get the regis (only to unlock them, after that, theyre useless unless you wanna keep them)

    but when you go for the regis, make sure you have PLENTY of pokeball(or whatever kind). -preferably masterballs

    if you dont have those, when you use a regular ball, right when you throw it at the pokemon, hold “a” and “b” and “down”. that changes them to work as a masterball. (worked for me).

    but itll still take FOREVER so get as many balls as you can.

  32. I finnaly caught a relacanth just outside of sootopolis city in the seaweed below

  33. to laze to catch relicanth and wailmer. my pokemon are latios lv43. metang lv 43. swampert lv46. groudon lv70. kyogre lv70. rayquaza lv77.

  34. I CAN CATCH THEM && TH3y W0NT ST4y iN TH3 P0K3B4LLSz

  35. in rt111 it isnt strenth it is rock smash

  36. This is the first time I went to this site, and people sound like they know what they are talking about! Nice Job!

  37. Where can I find Relicath and Wailord?

  38. i cant find the entrance to the other regis

  39. i have tried millions of times but i still cant capture them i used 95 ultra balls and about 50 timer balls on regice. i used basically 20+ of every single ball (excluding luxury and master ball) on registeel. and about 33 great balls and 20 timer balls and 1 luxury on regirock. BUT I STILLC ANT CAPTURE THEM.

    Please help

  40. Ok, everyone, you HAVE to catch relicanth. I stayed up till three am trying to catch the damn thing and it was making me so mad because it wouldnt go stay in the ultraball. So i kept killing it. What you have to do, once you find it (i suggest going north of Sootopolis on the right side until you get to the rock with seaweed surrounding it, go on the left of that rock and just find every combination to lead to the last peace of seaweed on the left and farthest down…) use a pokemon that has yawn, it works to make all pokemon (accept the regis! damn regis) go into the balls without being able to fight back, because, their asleep. :roll:

    Hope I helped a little.

  41. Oh, and I’m trying to catch Regi rock at this moment, I’m staring to hate the thing because it wont go into the ultra ball. :!: It will be frustrating but you gots to be patient.. it’ll come eventually.

  42. I have caught wailord & relicanth but I can’t find the dive spot! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I have relicanth and wailord but I cant find the entrance please help me

  44. :eek: ty alot for the info ty to u i cpatured al regi ty so muvh

  45. the diving spot to the cave of the aciant wrting is go to t he town of Pacifcade or what ever then go down then go threw then you have to go till you see it then you have to be procie about going into the dving spot

  46. i found regiice but its in red ive tried bout 20 timer balls but it keeps gettin’ out of em gimme some tips :cry: :evil:

  47. I don’t understand really how to get to that emo entrance :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

  48. ok im lookinh at the thing and w8ting but nothing. is it cuz i talkled to the writing but did not w8?

  49. lil hint regi stell hardest 1 to get thts a fact

  50. eer u forgot to add tht whe getting regi ice u gota walk around the cave(u have to srt at wrting and go around cave clock wise make sure tht u r on the walls(o idk but tht might jus b for emerald)

  51. to get regi ice you walk around the room twice next to the wall then talk to brail and the door will open to regi ice

  52. I`ve caught registeel but I can`t catch those damn regirock and ice.I`ve tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING to catch them plz HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Quinn you go around one time not tiwce :neutral:

  54. how could i catch a feebas/milotic …………….

  55. :mrgreen: Hey Joe! Your advice was great and it really worked. Although in the ancient tomb, i used fly in the center but it says that it cant be used here

  56. use sleep for the last hit..then use timer ball…u can catch rei ice with only 4 timer balls…but u have to put to sleep them…and also make their life below 70 so u can put them to slepp……

  57. :twisted: :twisted: the regis suck :evil: :evil: :twisted:

  58. How do you get Regice, Regirock, Registeel in
    Pokemon Pearl/Diamond?
    Where do you go to get them?

  59. Please tell me i need help! i need All three so i can catch Regigigas.
    :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

  60. where can I catch wailmer??? oh someone please help me…….

  61. Cool! That really helped me.

  62. i was fighting to regirock for like 30 minutes he had like 3 hp left already used 50 ultra balls but the pp off all his attacks where 0 so he did struggle and died lol still working to catch him… owned pokemon league with lvl 72 swamperd and lvl 45 groudon loooolz

  63. this has AWESOME tips if you know about pokemon and have:
    .Pokemon E/R/S
    .Pokemon Diamond
    .And a DS

  64. u can use endeavor to help lose the regis life

  65. thanks
    >IT HELPS a Lot

  66. to get registeel, u need 2 go in the cave, use flash in the middle.regirock: u need to go right 2 times and down 2times(i think) and use ROCK SMASH not strength.regice: u have to run around the cave (and hugging the wall as u go if you know what i mean) so this is the correct way to get me i’ve done this before and i got all three hope it helps :smile:

  67. wailmer can be found near the pokemon center near the entrance to victory road or somewhere else in emerald obviously cause i have emerald

  68. can’t get regis in DP(diamond and pearl) or PLAT(platnium

  69. the longer the battle the more power a timerball gains

  70. First Of All I want To Ask, When You meet regi rock Do you NEED to GET RID of ANY LEGENDARIES!!???!!!???!!!???!!??? I went 2 steps east (right) and 2 steps south (Down) then use ROCKSMASH it wouldn’t budge i repeated it 35 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
    ps: SOS
    Pps: Those Who thought This as A dying messege r SMART!!!!

    URYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

  71. i can’t open the doors in the ancient tomb for regirock and registeel

  72. lol guys ive beat all pokemon games with atleased 50 level 100s and im looking to get my regis to 100 its easy as hell :shock: :lol:

  73. Nice!

    Pokemon is the best game. Very addictive.
    Keep it up Jordan!

  74. Regirock route 111: read braille on wall then walk right, right, down, down, then use rocksmash, if failed use strength. Regice route 105: read braille on wall then walk once along the walls of the cave, clockwise. Registeel route 120: read braille then stand in center of cave and use either fly or flash. Tips, save b4 battling. have more pokeballs than anything else. ultraballs r ok but u will feel alot kooler knowing u caught them all with mere pokeballs.

  75. At The Regirock part Its Not Strenght, It’s Rock Smash

  76. regirock I got it down to a slither of a health with groudon and it took 23 ultra balls
    then regice got down to a slither of health took 34 ultra balls
    then registeel got it down to a slither of a health and it took me 1 ultra ball I was so amzed how quick it took me to capture registeel and people were saying that registeel was the hardest to catch most have been a fluke or something

  77. and milky way I used strength and it worked for me

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