14 comments on “Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver For DS Lite

  1. most awsome game for nds lite (which i have) is pokemon fire red and ruby (or sapp , emerald) they are not too complicated 😀
    and if you guys wanna play gameboy games ond ndsl just do this(you need to have r4 card and micro sd card) :
    1.Download lameboy (last version i think its 1.26)
    2. extract it and put it on your micro sd card
    3. download game (just type game name on google and choose first link)
    4.put it in lameboy folder
    5.Enjoy ! 🙂
    I downloaded pokemon red blue yellow , crystal and super mario 4 🙂
    (you can also play games for gbc)

  2. That has got to be the greatest nick name ever, I actually really enjoyed the video, hah!

    But yes, Pokemon Soul Silver & Heart Gold will always be the greatest, I enjoyed them as much as I did the originals.

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  4. Hey Mystry,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the video. Nice site by the way.
    Will check it out some more.

  5. hey just thought you might like to know theres a new site called pokemonbloggeram.yolasite.com

  6. I think that pokemon heart gold is even better than any of its predesors, because what other pokemon rpg can you fight pokemon from the first 4 generations without wifi. not to mention Nintendo’s try at making fat pokefans healthier by the pedometer.

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