All About Lucario

In this post I won’t show you the pictures but I’ll give you the names of the Pokemon featured in the Shinou Region.  But before you start note that this is the Shinou Dex.  In this post you’ll be given the Pokemon’s ID Number plus its type.  Type is also ...Click here to read

Guess What Poke’Fans? The Diamond and Pearl Shinou dex has been completed still missing some Pokemon we already know and new Pokemon have been revealed.  The pictures for them are not good so I am waiting for better ones. In future expect to see posts without pictures. It may take a ...Click here to read

If you watch Pokemon Advanced Battle listen carefully! When the Pokemon Series Pokemon Advanced Battle came went air I watched it on T.V. immediately.  But one thing I didn’t really understand was that there were 4 Pokemon I had never seen before.  Now that I know some Pokemon featured ...Click here to read

The History Of Pokemon Regions goes all the way back to the year 1996 when Pokemon Red and Blue was sold in Japan and in 1998 they eventually made their way here.  But Japan also received something we didn’t get Pokemon Green. Although we don’t have a complete collection we got ...Click here to read