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Sinnou Fire Pokemon Trading Cards

Fire (Fire) Type Pokemon from the Kanto Region. Fire Typed Pokemon cards are Color Coded Red and the Fire Symbol looks like this: 




Charmander Ex Power Keepers Common

#4 CHARMANDER (COMMON) - EX POWER KEEPERS, 50HP, Type Fire, Basic Pokemon.

SMOKESCREEN - If the Defending Pokemon tries to attack during your opponent's next turn, your opponent flips a coin.  If tails, that attack does nothing

#004 Charmander

Charmeleon Ex Power Keepers Uncommon

#5 CHARMELEON (UNCOMMON) - EX POWER KEEPERS, 70HP, Type Fire, Stage1 - Evolves From Charmander.

SCARY FACE - Flip a coin.  If heads, the Defending Pokemon can't attack or retreat during your opponent's next turn.


#005 Charmeleon

Charizard Ex Power Keepers Holofoil

#6 CHARIZARD (HOLOFOIL) - EX POWER KEEPERS, 120HP, Type Fire (+ Flying), Stage2 - Evolves From Charmeleon.  


BURNING INFERNO (50) - Each Defending Pokemon is now Burned.

#006 Charizard
#37 VULPIX Lv16 (COMMON) - D/P MYSTERIOUS TREASURES, 50HP, Height: 2' 00", Weight: 21.8lbs, Type Fire, Basic Pokemon.

FIRE SOUL (20) - Does 10 damage to 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokemon.  (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon.)

#037 Vulpix
#38 NINETALES Lv37 (RARE) - D/P MYSTERIOUS TREASURES, 80HP, Height: 3' 07", Weight: 43.9lbs, Type Fire, Stage1 - Evolves From Vulpix.

COLOR SHIFT -Once during your turn (before your attack), you may choose 1 of your opponent's Pokemon.  Ninetails is the same type as that Pokemon (all if that Pokemon is more than 1 type) until the end of your turn.  This power can't be used if Ninetails is affected by a Special Condition.

FIRE BLAST (60) Discard a Energy attached to Ninetails.

#038 Ninetales

64/116 Fire Red/Leaf Green Edition

#58 GROWLITHE (COMMON) - FIRE RED/LEAF GREEN, 60HP, Type Fire, Basic Pokemon.

BITE (10)


#058 Growlithe

18/116 Fire Red/Leaf Green Edition

#59 ARCANINE (RARE) - FIRE RED/LEAF GREEN, 90HP, Type Fire, Stage1 - Evolves From Growlithe.

FLARE (20)

HEAT TACKLE (70) - Arcanine does 10 damage to itself!

#059 Arcanine


#77 PONYTA Lv34 (UNCOMMON) - DIAMOND AND PEARL, 80HP, Height: 3' 03", Weight: 66.1lbs, Type Fire, Basic Pokemon.



#077 Ponyta

Rapidash Lv34 / Weakness +20 / Resistance  -0

#78 RAPIDASH Lv34 (UNCOMMON) - DIAMOND AND PEARL, 80HP, Height: 5' 07", Weight: 209.4lbs, Type Fire, Stage1 - Evolves From Ponyta.

OVERRUN (20) - Does 10 damage to 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokemon.  (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon.)

BLAZE UP (50) - Flip a coin.  If tails discard a Energy attached to Rapidash and this attack does 10 damage to each of your opponent's Benched Pokemon.  (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon.)

#078 Rapidash


#126 MAGMAR Lv30 (UNCOMMON) - D/P MYSTERIOUS TREASURES, 70HP, Height: 4' 03", Weight 98.1lbs, Type Fire, Basic Pokemon.

FLARE (20)

FLAMETHROWER (50) - Discard an Energy attached to Magmar.

#126 Magmar

5. 1x Flareon Holofoil

#136 FLAREON (HOLOFOIL) - DELTA SPECIES, 70HP, Type Fire + Metal, Stage1 - Evolves From Eevee.

DELTA SEARCH (10) - Search your deck for a Holon energy Card and attach it to Flareon.  Shuffle your deck afterwards!

RETURN BURN (50) - You may return an energy card attached to Flareon to you hand.  If you do the Defending Pokemon is now Burned!  

#136 Flareon

115. 1x Moltres Ex

#146 MOLTRES EX (HOLOFOIL) - FIRE RED/LEAF GREEN, 110 HP, Type Fire, Basic Pokemon.  When Pokemon-ex has been Knocked Out your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Poke-Power: Legendary Ascent - Once during your turn, when you put Moltres ex from your hand onto your Bench, you may switch 1 of your Active Pokemon with Moltres ex.  If you do, you may also move any number of basic Energy cards attached to your Pokemon to Moltres ex!

CRUSHING FLAMES (60) - You may discard an Energy card attached to Moltres ex.  If you do, the Defending Pokemon is now Confused!

#146 Moltres

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