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Play The Action Packed Adventure Game 3 Foot Ninja II!

Controls: To move the 3 Foot Ninja use the left and right arrow keys. Use the up arrow key to jump! Press up and either the left or right arrow key to flip in the direction you choose (left/right!) Use the down arrow key to jump down from a height. Use the "Space Bar" to crouch and at the same time block enemy attacks. The 3 Foot Ninja has three kinds of attacks...spin-slash: "A", normal-slash: "S" and downward-slash: "D"!

Story: Three years had passed since the 3 Foot Ninja had retrieved the 5 elder scrolls and the evil Dark Lords where getting angry as he was now a fully skilled ninja! So because of this the Dark Lords decided to attack the land and steal the princess of the land itself! So the 3 Foot Ninja put on some new ninja clothes and set off to save the princess and the land.

Task: Your task is to guide the 3 Foot Ninja through the 5 chapters while attempting to rescue the princess and the land. During your adventure you can find 1/4 of a golden scarab! Pick these up because once you get all 4 of them you can get access to a bonus. If your health or stamina is low try and look around for some potions. To activate the stamina potion (yellow) press "1" on your number pad. To activate your health potion (blue) press "2" on your number pad. To turn invisible to enemy eyes use the invisible potion by pressing "3" on your number pad. Be aware that you can only be invisible for short period of time so use it wisely!

!Good Luck!




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