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Play Little Rocket Man Game!



Controls: Use the smart and clever radar to control Rocketman. Move your mouse over the radar unit to select the power and angle of the launch. The further the mouse is from the radar the stronger the launch! The radar remembers the last two jumps you made! Use this information to help you in your jumps! The small Rocketman head means you made jump. The red dot means you failed the jump. The red square means you used an airbrake. The boost symbol means you used a booster!

Use the "Space Bar" to activate the airbrakes. These things cause you to simply fall down from the air. Press and hold the mouse while in the air to activate your boosters. This thing make you instantly fly upwards while in the air.

Task: Your task is guide Rocketman to exit of each world by jumping from a platform to the next. Beware that some platforms are a danger to Rocketman's health so make sure you are quick as some will try to burn you and even crumble when you stand on them for too long!

!Good Luck!



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